Welcome to WP Stuff


Hello and welcome to my simple WordPress website.

What's the purpose:

The main reason for building this website was for me to share my finding online with other people.  Like many others out there, we are always looking for a way to do something in WordPress. I am always searching online for a WP fix/hack.  I found that not always the steps work as described, so I have to make my own notes.  So I decided to post those notes/steps/instructions online for me to reference them for the future, and also share with other people.

I am not a coder or a designer by any means.  I am more of a techy guy.  So my posts won't be cushioned or bloated.  They will be more to the point.  I understand other sites do as its better for ranking purposes in Google.

This website will probably have spelling and grammar errors. Feel free to let me know. [contact me]