Recommended Plugins for WordPress

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What are the best plugins for WordPress?  Wow, that is a loaded question. You can ask 100 people that question and you will get just 100 different answers.  That's because people use WordPress differently. I use different plugins that others may use. But I do believe there is a few that are all on all WP sites I create, no matter what site.  So below I will name what I think are core plugins and suggested plugins

Core Plugins I use on all sites

So you may ask why are the plugins above my core plugins.

Companion Auto update

This plugin does one thing.  it will automatically update your website.  I believe this alone will prevent your site from getting hacked.  Most hacks happen because of exploits in software. keeping your site updated, help keep your site from getting hacked from known exploits.

Really Simple SSL

This plugin will force your WordPress site to load up in SSL  By default, your site will not force to load in https:// unless the user enters it in.  Using this plugin forces your site to load in https://

Disable Comments

This plugin will disable WordPress comment system  I do not recommend using this as it's known to get riddled with spam comment.  I suggest using Disqus or Facebook plugin


Backing up your website is the most important thing you can do.  Your data, your responsibility. It is never the host's job to keep backups or guarantee your data safely.  If you do not do your own backups and the server crashes for whatever reason, and no one has backups, then you will need to rebuild your website.  

Recommended Plugins


Other useful Plugins